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Okay, I weighed. I made it a week. I know. I suck. And guess what? I am probably not going to quit weighing  but I am not going to let the scale dictate my attitude.

Instead I am going to focus on my successes. So here goes. The following is a list of recent successes.

1. I deadlifted 225#s. Once. But I did it! I didn’t have any chalk with me and my grip slipped but I can’t wait to do more. My goal is 250….then maybe on to 300….we shall see!

2. I back squatted 175, once. My next goal is 200. 🙂

3. I can do 1 (almost 2) chin-ups. And almost one pull-up. Clayton put one of those pull-up bars in one of our doorways and I love it.

4. Because Clayton has taught me well I have better form than most of the guys at the Y. 🙂 This one makes me laugh. I want to hang a sign on the Smith Machine that says “Attention: If you want to do real squats the squat rack is over there.” Maybe not, there is only one squat rack and I hate sharing it.


Comments on: "Oops…." (2)

  1. Holy Moly!!!! Your numbers are awesome!!! I’m such a wimp, especially my squat. You are my hero!

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