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Lent! And A Recipe, of course!

Although I am not Catholic,I gave decided to participate in Lent this year. At first I couldn’t decide what to give up. I’ve already given up pop, (un-natural) sugars, proceeded foods, wheat…..all those things not included in a Paleo diet. I thought about giving up coffee but I am pretty sure coffee makes the pop thing bearable. I only eat honey (or other natural sweeteners), fruit and dark chocolate occasionally. So…….I decided to give up my time.

I was inspired by another blogger to spend at least 15 minutes participating in physical activity a day with my kids. I know 15 minutes doesn’t sound like much. I’m going to shoot for 30 but kept my goal at 15. So far I have pulled them them in the wagon through puddles, jumped on the trampoline, played tag and been on a walk. Each time we play I hear them say things like, “This is so fun!”, “We should definitely do this again!” and always a ton of laughter. I know there will be days when it is the last thing I want to do. On those days I am going to jump in head first and stick with it until I am having fun. I know my attitude will change because my kids laughter, enthusiasm and joy is contagious!

Now for the recipe. It’s good thing I didn’t give up chocolate cause this recipe is delicioso (Thanks for the Spanish lesson, Dora!)

Nut Butter Truffles

The change I made was to reduce the honey to 1/4 of a cup. I really think you could even leave it out completely!   

Here is my horrible picture, Enjoy!


Berry Swirl Cake

Maisie turned 3! I went back and forth on what to do about a cake. Should I order one or make one? Gluten free or regular? So many choices! In the end I decided to go with gluten free. I just couldn’t  justify making something for my kids that could make them sick. I tried a gluten free baking mix and it was GROSS! I scoured the internet and came across one that looked good. I whipped up a test version and everyone gobbled it down! Owen begged me to make one for his birthday, which is 7 months away. I wanted something that would taste good to the non-paleo eaters at the party. I think I succeeded! Clayton said it was good and I know he wouldn’t lie to me! 🙂 Cael and Owen said it was awesome and the birthday girl slowed down enough to get a few bites. I thought it was good. It has a lot of almond flour so I probably would only make it occasionally. The non-paleo eaters said it was really good, hopefully they weren’t lying just to spare my feelings! 🙂

The first time I made it I used strawberries and the second time I used blueberries.


Fruit Pizza

I posted a couple days ago that I was going to make a fruit pizza…..and I DID!

I think it turned out awesome! I ended up using a different crust though. The one I originally posted used almond flour and I wanted to use coconut flour.

Here is the crust recipe I used. This is the frosting recipe I used.

Here is a pic of the crust before baked it, the finished product and my helper, Maisie.

Almond Joy!

I made Paleo Almond Joys for Clayton for Valentine’s Day.

I subbed a tablespoon of honey instead of the sugar! Enjoy!

Oh and I know my pictures suck and I’m okay with that.

A Valentine’s Day With No Candy?!?

Yep. That’s right. No candy. Now I didn’t say no sweets, though. Of course there will be sweets! I am going to make Primal Fruit Pizza. If you have ever had the regular version of this stuff, let me tell you, it’s AMAZING! Sugar cookie crust, creme cheese icing and tons of fruit.

For the crust I am going to use this recipe for butter cookies from Elana’s Pantry . Instead of making individual cookies with it I am going to press it down on a pizza pan covered in parchment paper.

For the frosting I am going to use the recipe below.

Cream Cheese Frosting

16 oz cream cheese softened to room temp.
Honey (I will start with a teaspoon at a time and stop when it is just slightly sweet)
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix it up using a mixer.

After spreading the frosting on the cookie crust I will top with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, grapes, etc. I will not be using kiwi because I am allergic and have no desire to look like I had collagen injections in my lips. Clayton might enjoy that though. After all it will be Valentine’s Day.

There ya go. A Primal Fruit Pizza. Hopefully I will get some pics to post. Also, Thursday is Maisie’s 3rd birthday, so cake recipes to come!